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About Dafne Blanco-Sarlay

Based in Vancouver, BC since 1996, I am a multidisciplinary artist originally from Mexico. My background is multiethnic, including Eastern European Jewish, Afro-Caribbean and Mexican Indigenous. My artwork is embedded in and informed by many human and geographical landscapes, as well as my experiences as an immigrant to Canada.

My artwork represents the crossroads where cultures converge; juxtaposed realities encompassing history and the here and now. The convergence of many worlds, one artistic emergence.

Interestingly, before I integrated this transcultural identity, in a time when was very interested in the concepts of alchemy, I read in an obscure paperback edition adapted for amateur alchemists that there are many worlds, but all exist within this one. Although I never pretended to understand the deep implications of such a statement, it stirred within me an ancestral and profound evocation that without a doubt, determined the search that is present throughout my artistic practice. To me, the work of the visual artist is in fact just that: to develop the ability to catch glimpses of those other manifestations of reality that coexist, that wander around us, and are waiting to be captured by the artist. In the process of recreating them on the canvas or the ceramic sculpture, time and space intertwine and fuse together.

I use mixed media in most of my artwork: multi-layered surfaces where the incorporation of diverse textures and the exploration of their expressive capacity and tactile qualities, become a metaphor for those juxtaposed realities struggling to emerge into the light.

Dafne Blanco Sarlay

Equally important to my artistic creation is the visual manifestation of a constant process of introspection, that abyss inhabited by the fears and dreams that shape us. I am interested in the human being as an entity of transformation: how through our sorrows and love, our violence and compassion, we alter our surroundings and ourselves. This is the junction where my inner worlds become the reflection and extension of those external worlds in which we all, and everything around us, take part, where everything interconnects. But, is it really possible to distinguish between the inner and outer worlds? Is it not true that what is inside is outside? I am interested in the symmetries created as a result of such intersections, the canvas as the carrier of the resulting cartographic systems. In doing so, the artist turns into the explorer of the paths that allow us to travel between dimensions, back and forth between those coexisting worlds.Thus, the titles of my solo exhibitions Falling into the Deep Mirror, Walking towards the House of Dreams, Spectral Anatomies, Impermanence, Soliloquy and Body Memory are nothing else but different ways to name one sole and constant quest. Currently, I am working on a series called Descent into Paradise that includes mixed media paintings and ceramic sculptures.