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About Dafne Blanco

Originally manifested in the land of Mexico, I, my body come from a multiethnic background. Being an immigrant to Canada, I am constantly informed by two opposite landscapes, experiences. My work is the crossroads where cultures converge: juxtaposed realities encompassing history and the here and now. Many worlds, one artistic emergence.

Interestingly, before I integrated this transcultural identity, in a time when was very interested in the concepts of alchemy, I read in an obscure paperback edition adapted for amateur alchemists that there are many worlds, but all exist within this one. Although I never pretended to understand the deep implications of such a statement, it stirred within me an ancestral and profound evocation that without a doubt, determined the search that is present throughout my artistic practice. To me, the lifework of the visual artist is in fact that: to remain open to capturing glimpses of those other manifestations of reality that coexist, that wander around us, and keep expanding our ability to let them find us.

Dafne Blanco